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Courtney Miller’s novels win awards!!!


5 minute video of Courtney Miller at Meet the Authors, Salida, Colorado, March 29, 2014




 Courtney Miller’s “The Cherokee Chronicles Series” Draws Acclaim from Cherokee Community

“Courtney Miller has created an imaginative adventure tale, one which captures the ethos of Cherokee Folklore and myth.”

— Alan Kilpatrick, author of “The Night Has a Naked Soul”

“His characters seem real to us because Miller took the time to do extensive research about Indigenous Native Americans, the Cherokee in particular.  Where possible in this edition of the continuing saga, he accurately describes the dress, lives and culture of the Cherokee prior to contact with Europeans.”

— K. T. Hutke Fields, Principal Chief, Natchez Nation


Praise for Courtney Miller’s “White Feather Mysteries”

“A murder mystery with a unique twist.  Courtney Miller’s complexity of the classic homicide involving the legendary gifts of a Cherokee Shaman provides a different angle to criminal procedures.  Set in a small mountain town, a triple homicide rocks the small community and the likeable deputies embark on a mission to solve the riddle.  An enjoyable story to follow through each surprising turn of events.” 

–Sheriff Shannon Byerly, Custer County Sheriff

“A cunningly crafted mystery.  Take a triple homicide in a small, Colorado mountain town, add a cast of intriguing characters—almost none of whom are completely innocent—and you have Ludwig’s Fugue.  Courtney Miller sets this terrific plot into motion and doesn’t let up until the final, spine-tingling surprise.”

 –Margaret Coel, New York Times bestselling author of Winter’s Child

“Get ready for a laugh-filled caper in Courtney Miller’s It’s About Time, an excellent new entry in the field of geezer-lit mysteries.  Ex-homeless man, Frank Roberts, teams with four other geezers to form the Sleuthkateers to solve the case of a poisoning death in a retirement home.”

–Mike Befeler, author of The Tesla Legacy and the Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit Mystery Series.


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