• Aztec Rooms, New Mexico
  • Anasazi Petroglyphs
  • Chaco Canyon Pueblo bonito Don on tour
  • Coutney Miller, Author, with telescope
  • Chaco Canyon with Fajada Butte in background
  • 1987-Chaco-Canyon-Pueblo-del-Arroyo
  • Courtney's new book, The Raven Mocker
  • Swinging it in Boulder, CO
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Award Winning Author


Combining my passions for archaeology, astronomy, archaeoastronomy, history, and Native American culture with my writing. 

A - Recent visit to Aztec

After retiring from a long career in business management I am now pursuing my new career as a writer. Like so many, I put writing on the back burner and although I have written stories for pleasure over the years, not until now have I tried to publish anything.​

Courtney Miller, Author

It is fun and exhilarating for me combining my passions for archaeology,  archaeoastronomy, art, history, and Native American culture into my writing and I look forward to whatever the future brings.