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Raven-LegacyWith the release of my new book, The Raven Mocker’s Legacy, this week’s article takes a look at the first two books of The Cherokee Chronicles series and their impact on the Native American community.

Author’s New Book praised by Natchez Chief

 K. T. “Hutke” Fields, Uvcenv Cunv Uvsel, Principal Chief of the Natchez Nation, has great praise for award-winning author Courtney Miller’s new book, “The Raven Mocker’s Legacy”, Book 2 of a 7-book series entitled “The Cherokee Chronicles”. The chronicles follows a fictional Cherokee family starting in mythical times and follows the generations through classical pre-contact, first contact, European colonization, and ends with the forced relocation of the Cherokee people in the 1800’s.

K. T. Hutke Fields, Principal Chief, Natchez Nation

K. T. Hutke Fields, Principal Chief, Natchez Nation

The chief states, “If you’ve read “The First Raven Mocker,” you’ve already gained an appreciation for the author’s unique ability to spin a tale. His characters seem real to us because Miller took the time to do extensive research about Indigenous Native Americans, the Cherokee in particular. Where possible in this edition of the continuing saga, he accurately describes the dress, lives and culture of the Cherokee prior to contact with Europeans. At the same time, he takes great care not to recreate ceremonies that are sacred and private to those who remain strong in the practice of their Cherokee spirituality.

 “This story takes a winding path through prehistory that could have been real. It is a fiction that has numerous actual components. The characters  represent a dichotomy of personalities from dreadfully dependent to feverishly psycho. He includes descriptions of striking native beauty while peaking our interest, page after page, in a magical story beyond compare.

 “Alan Kilpatrick, who wrote, “Harry Potter fans rejoice,” about Miller’s first chronicle was accurate. These books should and may eventually become the cinematic “Harry Potter of Native America.” They deserve to be. Whether characters are witches, wizards, demons or dragons, some novelists tell their stories with wild imagery. These books by Courtney Miller, although they do contain flashing representations and transmutations, are just real

enough to be scary!”

The First Raven Mocker cover Courtney Miller’s first book, “The First Raven Mocker” has won numerous awards for Historical Fiction and drew the acclaim of noted author of “The Night Has a Naked Soul” and professor of American Indian studies at San Diego State University, Alan Kilpatrick, who wrote,

“Harry Potter Fans Rejoice! 

“Here is a new novel which offers us a rare glimpse into the ancient world of Cherokee wizards. Set in a timeless aboriginal past, the First Raven Mocker is a coming of age story which follows a young Indian boy’s quest to learn the fine art of black magic. Along the way, he encounters witches, sorcerers, and man-eating giants. However, as the reader soon learns, this is the archetypal Hero’s journey with a twist.

Alan Kilpatrick, Professor of American Indian Studies at San Diego State University

Alan Kilpatrick, Professor of American Indian Studies at San Diego State University

“Courtney Miller has created an imaginative adventure tale, one which captures the ethos of Cherokee folklore and myth.”

Miller’s interest in the Cherokee stems from his grandmother and her family’s plight after leaving Cherokee Territory in the 1800’s to find the American dream out west.  He now lives in Westcliffe, Colorado where he writes full time.

Miller also writes weekly online articles for “Native American Antiquity”,  where he reveals the art, archaeology, astronomy, history and culture of Native America.  His articles and more about the author and his books can be found at www.CourtneyMillerAuthor.com.

Books can be purchased at Amazon.com or your favorite bookstore in print and e-book formats, or, get an autographed copy at Miller’s website.

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