Apr 162015

Eclipse from my back yard

A couple of weeks ago, we observed a “Lunar Eclipse”.  Because this year is when the moon is in its minor “Lunar Standstill” (refer to article on Lunar Standstill at Chimney Rock), it was the shortest Lunar Eclipse for many years.  Because of the nature of the Moon’s and the Earth’s planes of orbit, an eclipse is an irregular event, that is, it appears to happen randomly.

Apr 092015
Circular Structure, Ceibal, Guatemala

Circular Structure, Ceibal, Guatemala

There is excavation going on in Ceibal, Guatemala that is threatening the conventional wisdom concerning the ascent of man!  Jacob Bronowski, who wrote the book “The Ascent of Man” and hosted the television series by the same name, wrote, “Man is a singular creature.  He has a set of gifts which make him unique among the animals: so that, unlike them, his is not a figure in the landscape–he is a shaper of the landscape.”

Jacob Bronowski

Jacob Bronowski

Apr 022015
Lynne Sabastian

Lynne Sabastian

The civilization that inhabited the canyon in central New Mexico known as “Chaco Canyon” was indeed a “phenomenon”.  Despite extensive archaeological study, there is little known of the society or the people that lived there.  It seems to defy fitting into a known political and/or ritual society.  As Lynne Sebastian, director of historic preservation programs at the SRI Foundation, puts it, “The extraordinary archaeological record of this society indicates both a strong political structure and an intense emphasis on ritual.”

Chaco Canyon Prehistoric-Roads

Chaco Culture, outliers and roads

Mar 192015
Kennewick Man skull and reconstruction

Kennewick Man–skull and reproduction

It seems that every year discoveries push back the date for the first Americans.  The January edition of the National Geographic magazine features an article on the discovery of a young teenaged girl who fell to her death into one of the many cenotes, or sink holes, in Central American Yucatan 12,000 to 13,000 years ago.  Although this date is roughly the date Clovis points were being manufactured in New Mexico and does not push back the date of first Americans,  of significance is its connection to the “Kennewick Man” discovered along the Columbia River in Washington.

Mar 122015

Scorpio and Milky WaySince the dawn of man, the sky was our big screen, HD, TV.  All of the ancient peoples around the world have observed the sun, the moon, and the stars move across the sky and noticed the subtle changes over time.  They noticed that the changes were in cycles that repeated faithfully over and over.   And over time they learned that these cycles could be used to predict and guide their future.

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