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Announcing a NEW BOOK and a NEW SERIES!

Ludwig’s Fugue is Book 1 of The White Feather Mysteries.

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The Cherokee Chronicles

This 7-book series chronicles the lives of a fictional Cherokee family through several generations starting in ancient times and with each new generation, advances through the classic period, the European exploration, colonization, and eventually westward expansion and relocation . Although the characters are fictional, the events and experiences are true to the Cherokee culture and follows the rise and fall of the Cherokee nation through the eyes of a typical Cherokee family.




“Harry Potter Fans Rejoice! 

“Here is a new novel which offers us a rare glimpse into the ancient world of Cherokee wizards. Set in a timeless aboriginal past, the First Raven Mocker is a coming of age story which follows a young Indian boy’s quest to learn the fine art of black magic. Along the way, he encounters witches, sorcerers, and man-eating giants. However, as the reader soon learns, this is the archetypal Hero’s journey with a twist.

“Courtney Miller has created an imaginative adventure tale, one which captures the ethos of Cherokee folklore and myth.”  –Alan Kilpatrick, Professor, American Indian Studies, San Diego State University.   Author of “The Night Has A Naked Soul”

This book has received multiple awards for Historical Fiction.


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Book 2: The Raven Mocker’s Legacy 

June 1, 2015

“If you’ve read “The First Raven Mocker,” you’ve already gained an appreciation for the author’s unique ability to spin a tale. His characters seem real to us because Miller took the time to do extensive research about Indigenous Native Americans, the Cherokee in particular. Where possible in this edition of the continuing saga, he accurately describes the dress, lives and culture of the Cherokee prior to contact with Europeans. At the same time he takes great care not to recreate ceremonies that are sacred and private to those who remain strong in the practice of their Cherokee spirituality.

 “This story takes a winding path through prehistory that could have been real. It is a fiction that has numerous actual components. The characters represent a dichotomy of personalities from dreadfully dependent to feverishly psycho. He includes descriptions of striking native beauty while peaking our interest, page after page, in a magical story beyond compare.

 “Alan Kilpatrick, who wrote, “Henry Potter fans rejoice,” about Miller’s first chronicle was accurate. These books should and may eventually become the cinematic “Harry Potter of Native America.” They deserve to be. Whether characters are witches, wizards, demons or dragons, some novelists tell their stories with wild imagery. These books by Courtney Miller, although they do contain flashing representations and transmutations, are just real enough to be scary !”

–KT “Hutke” Fields, Uvcenv Cunv Uvsel, Principal Chief, Natchez Nation

2016 Book Excellence Award



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BOOK 3: Gihli, The Chief Named Dog

The third book in the series deals with coming of age as Cherokee around 1200 a.d. and with how war, peace, faith, and witchcraft affected the culture.  In her 14th summer, Alihelitsidasdi’s life was filled with happiness and promise until three renegade Tagwa warriors turn her world into a summer of terror. Her twin brother, an apprenticed priest, is coincidently thrust into the dark world of witchcraft when a killer witch attacks a villager and steals his souls. He looks to his great grandfather, the village Uku (High Priest) for answers, but discovers that his great grandfather carries a dark secret threatened by the return of the witch. The twin’s grandmother and Peace Chief of the village struggles to restore the peace and hold her family and the village together through the challenging ordeals of war and threats against the white way and the harmony of life.

2015 Extravaganza Draft to Dream Book Competition Finalist


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Nunda Cover 001BOOK 4: NUNDA

Nunda, which means “Moon”,  struggles with his clans plans for his life.  Born into the Anigilohi clan, the Long Hair clan, the keepers of the traditions, the peace keepers and priests, Nunda yearns for the excitement and glamour of his father’s wolf clan. Secretly, he learns how to make weapons of war and trains in the moonlight until one day his village comes under threat from Kusa warriors and his skills and resolve are tested. Amidst the conflicts of his clan responsibilities and his warrior penchant, love intervenes and a remarkable girl helps Nunda realize his potential and understand his true purpose in life.

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Savages Cover 001BOOK 5: SAVAGES

The peace of a Cherokee village is disrupted when the Spanish explorer, De Soto, passes through searching for gold and leaving in his wake savagery unknown to the civilized Cherokee.


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Noble Savage Cover 002BOOK 6: NOBLE SAVAGES

The Cherokee struggle to preserve their culture and form a civil and political relationship with the new United States Nation.  Guided by a framework designed by  George Washington, the “noble savages” fight to establish honor and respect with the new nation.


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Disenfranchised cover 001BOOK 7: DISENFRANCHISED

The story of the struggle of the Cherokee people in the early 1800’s and how their way of life was crushed forever.  This story tells the heretofore untold story of those Cherokee who broke away from their tribe to seek a new life in the move westward.  A life that would alienate them forever from their tribe.


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White Feather Murder Mysteries!

Courtney Millers White Feather Mysteries


 This new series of murder mysteries features White Feather (the Raven Mocker from the Cherokee Chronicles series) in a modern, rural mountain setting.  Sometimes teaming up with a lovable, eccentric group of old geezers, the Sleuthkateers, White Feather matches wits with Deputy Sam Morrison and the local sheriff’s office staff.  This series combines humor, intrigue,  and twisting plots to produce page turning stories for a cozy evening.


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Ludwig’s Fugue

David Ludwig, suffering a severe head injury during a high school football practice loses his memory. When his family turns up murdered, he becomes the prime suspect! Not sure himself whether he is guilty or not, he flees blindly in a world where nothing is familiar until he bumps into the Raven Mocker, alias White Feather, who tries to help the boy find himself and find the real murderer of his family. White Feather competes with newly relocated deputy Morrison who struggles to rebuild his life after being discredited and fired from his previous detective position. Coincidentally finding support from the police chief of the town where his divorced wife has fled with his son and daughter to get away from him, he strives to turn around their animosity and put his family back together and restore his self respect.

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It’s About Time

Franklin Roberts is a good man who does not deserve the outrageous misfortune that has left him homeless and destitute. It’s about time he got a break.

Benjamin Cook is making life miserable for everyone at St. Jude Methodist Retirement Home. It’s about time someone put an end to it.

Detective Sam Morrison has lost his family and then his job as a homicide detective for Denver P.D. It’s about time he puts it all back together in Westhaven.

White Feather is convinced that his new friend has a rare case of Synathesia and can SEE time. Maybe, he can also travel back to his past. It’s about time to find out.

When a resident at St. Jude Methodist Retirement Home mysteriously dies at lunch, five eccentric old men team up to solve the crime. Will the 5 Sleuthkateers wind up in jail or solve the mystery? Follow these lovable, comic, old geezers as they bring together their eccentricities to sometimes compliment, sometimes complicate the local sheriff’s department ‘s investigation. Who will ultimately solve this unique mystery?

2016 Extravaganza Draft to Dream Book Competition WINNER

The Ghosts of St. Jude

Ghosts of St JudeThe resident “Sleuthkateers”, led by White Feather, re-unite to apply their eccentric skills to try to solve a mystery when ghosts wreak havoc on St. Jude Retirement Home.  Their investigation threatens to uncover haunting secrets from the storied past of the centuries old building.  The investigation leads down a twisting path with a surprising, heart-wrenching conclusion.



Learn more about this exciting new series by the award-wining author and master of twisting plots.

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Psychological Tragedy!

Cover 002Harley!

Award-winning author, Courtney Miller, teams up with his brother Mack Miller to produce a twisting, sometimes shocking Psychological Tragedy destined for the big screen!

Lost in a dead end life, Harley makes a bold decision

Risking everything, he searches for happiness and a new life

In this eerie psychological novel, Harley leaves behind his dead-end life in Hades to find a new life in Euphoria.  But, will his guilty conscience allow him to truly leave Hades behind? 

Will he find what he is searching for:

  • A new, happy life for himself and his family
  • A new community where he and his wife, Piper, can have friends and raise a family
  • A successful career that leads to self-fulfillment and prosperity

Fearful that his newfound dream life may come crumbling down at any time, Harley fights his persistent nightmares.

You will be shocked by this story’s Hitchcockian twist when Harley tries to end his nightmares for good.

Look for award-winning author Courtney Miller’s latest book based on a concept by Mack Miller, coming soon to Amazon.com, www.CourtneyMillerAuthor.com, and at your favorite bookstore.

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