Jul 042013

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Casa Rinconada

Casa Rinconada

The mystery to me is, “Why here?”  Casa Rinconado is the largest and most elaborate great kiva built by the Chacoan Culture.  The other great kivas comparable to Casa Rinconada are in Great House plazas, but not this one.  This Great Kiva was constructed across Chaco Wash; across the canyon valley from the major great houses amongst smaller, poorly constructed villages probably occupied by plebeian workers and farmers.  And yet its size, beauty and accommodations were fit for royalty.

It was constructed atop a natural hillside and the imposing architecture of this great kiva dominated the view from the smaller villages and the valley.  A segment of Chacoan road connected Casa Rinconada to Pueblo Bonito.  So, was it built for the poor villagers or did the ellite cross regally on the grand road across the creek to attend glorious ceremonies?

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