Oct 292015

On the surface, it appears that  Chief Di’Wali Bowles spent his life running from something trying to find peace.  He left his home in Running Water Chief Dewali BowlesTown on the Tennessee river after the Muscle Shoals Massacre fearing retribution from his tribe (He was later completely exonerated).  He left Missouri after a massive earthquake was determined to be a sign from the Great Spirit.  He left Arkansas after the Louisiana Purchase expanded the jurisdiction of the United States.  He twice relocated in Tejas (first a part of Spain, then Mexico).  In his early seventies, he thought he had possibly found peace in Texas until the white Texans revolted against the Mexicans.

Oct 222015

Reelfoot_Rift_diagram_from_USGS_en_svgOn December 16, 1811, a series of intense interplate earthquakes shook the area around New Madrid, Missouri.   They are, to this day, the most powerful earthquakes to hit the contiguous United States east of the Rocky Mountains.  The quakes were felt strongly over roughly 50,000 square miles.  Compare this to the 1906 San Francisco quake felt over roughly 6,200 square miles.  Chief Di’Wali Bowles interpreted these quakes as a sign from the Great Spirit that they were not to live there.  They left their homes and moved to Arkansas, still hoping to be far enough west to “outrun the disease of the white man and their great hunger for land.”

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